4-H Events

As events are upcoming in the Northwest Area or western Kansas, they will be posted below with complete details.  There are several, so make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the page. 


Northwest Youth & Leaders' Forum (NWYLF)

The Northwest Youth and Leaders' Forum (NWYLF) and Day Camp Training that was scheduled for Wednesday, June 17, 2015, at the K-State Ag Research Center Auditorium in Hays was canceled due to low registration numbers. 

2016 NWYLF Information Downloads will be posted in early 2016 as the information becomes available.

Kansas 4-H Participation Form (Word)
Map to K-State Ag Research Center, Hays

Special Trainings & Programs

Jim Cain Leadership and Challenge Program

Are you “at the end of your rope?”  Don’t be alarmed, since this question is designed to help you strengthen your leadership team by improving skills in team building initiatives and rope challenges.  Do you want to incorporate team work into your organization, your next staff training or your next meeting or conference, and do you want to do it right?
Dr. Jim Cain will be coming to Hays, Kansas, August 28-29 at the KSU Agricultural Research Center to present his dynamic leadership training.  This training is designed not only for teens, but also adults.  Jim Cain is the author of 14 team and community building books, including “Teamwork and Team Play,” “Find Something to Do”, plus many more.  Jim is a creative force with more than six dozen team building activities and props.  Dr. Cain has traveled and trained in 49 states and 38 countries sharing his knowledge on team work and leadership, creative problem solving, trust building, goal setting, and improving communication skills in groups.  These are the foundation of team building and challenge initiatives. 
Program Details:  Friday, August 28 and Saturday, August 29, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day.  Attend both days or it is possible to attend only one day.   The location is the K-State Ag Research Center, 1232 240th Avenue, Hays, KS 67601.

Who:  This workshop is targeted for youth 7th grade and older, their adult sponsors, K-State Research and Extension staff and 4-H volunteers.

What:  Helps build your team through facilitation training.  It is designed for you to make it and take it home.  This means participants will be making tools and props to take home.  We anticipate that many 4-H clubs and schools will send “officer teams”.  It is also open to individual participants. 

Cost:  The registration fee includes the facilitation training by Jim Cain, featuring a different book of the day for both Friday and Saturday, lunch and snacks.  Friday’s book will feature “Find Something to Do,” and Saturday’s book is “Rope Games.”  Participants will receive a copy of the book for each day. For KSRE staff members, 4-H members and 4-H volunteers the cost is $40.00 for one day and $75 for both days.  For non-Extension related participants, the cost is $55 for one day, and $105 for both days.  In addition, we will offer a team fee for 4-H clubs and school groups made up of four youths and one sponsor.  The team will receive one book per group.  The cost for the team for one day is $150 with additional students costing $35.00 each. 

This event is sponsored by the Northwest 4-H Advisory, K-State Research and Extension, with financial support from the Dane Hansen Foundation, Logan, KS.  Registration is due on or before August 17th.  If you wish to find out more about this program, please contact Susan Schlichting, sschlich@ksu.edu, 785-628-9430 or contact Robyn Deines, rdeines@ksu.edu, 785-798-3921.

Program Downloads:  2015 Jim Cain Program Flyer

Vibrant Video Training Information

4-H Vibrant Video Training (Basic)
In 2012, 2011 and 2012 vibrant video trainings were held to allow participants the time and technical support to strengthen the video and editing skills.  As future trainings are organized they will be posted here. The intent is to give KSRE staff and volunteers the skills to create effective video clips for the Kansas 4-H Program.  Information will be posted as it becomes available about future trainings for K-State Research and Extension.

The training objectives are:
-Participants will learn about the tools and resources for making their own video productions, including: script writing, story boarding, video production, video post-production, uploading   the video, and troubleshooting.

-Participants will learn the principles of good video production, including: video composition with a diversity of subjects, good video composition, narration, varied screen shots,   eliminating distracting elements, avoiding tokenism, good quality sound levels, appropriate   music in selection and sound levels, and positive representation of 4-H.

-Participants will learn how to begin editing and critiquing their own videos for content, quality and effectiveness.

For more information, contact:
Deryl Waldren, 785-462-6281, e-mail - dwaldren@ksu.edu

Great Northwest Escape

The Great Northwest Escape is a one-day retreat for Northwest Area Extension staff and will be Friday August 28, at the Webster State Park in the Town Center Shelter, beginning at 10:30 a.m.  The committee of Northwest Area staff will be finalizing details in the near future.  Further details will be posted as they become available.

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